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Ms. Letha Moon

Letha Moon is originally from Tyler, Texas and was a Florida resident from 1997 to 2014. She now has returned home to the source of her heart in Texas. Her interests include reading, cooking, and playing the violin. She is an avid animal lover (currently she is mommy to Coco a half Chihuahua and half Mini-Pincher and Pandora the cat) and adores the beach and being in the sun. 

Ms. Moon began her professional career in retail and later discovered she had an incredible talent for understanding and working with technology. Lee began building websites in 1999 and branched out into other specialized areas over the past 15 years. 

She is now an expert in website design, server hosting, database design and administration, network and inter-office server management, e-mail marketing and campaign management as well as a variety of other apects related to technology services. Letha also has incredible insight into customer driven layouts.

Letha graduated with honors and holds an Associate's of Science in Information Technology degree from the University of Phoenix, completed her Bachelor's degree majoring in Database Administration in December 2012, and her Master's Degree in Information Systems in June 2014 all with a 4.0 GPA.

Mac Guru & Graphic Artist - Lisa-Marie Begerow

I am an art geek. Crayon, pencil, ink, charcoal pilfered from Dad's grill! When computers came on the scene I was immediately addicted! Ever built a magazine on a Mac Classic? I love a challenge but design is easier (and way more fun) on a monitor that is bigger than a breadbox!

In my "free time" I am sole wrangler, head of transportation and social director to my amazing 13 year old son, Committee Chair of his Boy Scout Troop, PTO Mom, Flag-Football parent/cheerleader and love every minute of it! I am a classic film fanatic, 80's music lover and college football addict - BOOMER SOONER!!! I believe in God, that dark chocolate is a perfect food and that if you want change in the world YOU have to be willing to BE the game changer.

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