Below are just a few of the cudos and testimonials Eclipse Web Management receives from our clients.

"Lee Moon is the "Go above and Beyond Girl" Some people just do the bare minimum in life. Anytime Lee has worked for me it is what I call EXCHANGE IN ABUNDANCE. She always exceeds my expectations. Her Web design is cutting edge. She has a very professional demeanor but always seems to turn "work" into fun. I love her ability to understand the artist in me and to be able to guide me better as a business person."

Deedee O'Malley

 "Lee is my go to girl she consistantly exceeds my expectations."

Captain KC McKinney

 "Wonderful designer, very easy to work with, and certainly dependable!"

Kat Angel

"Greetings, I am happy to share my experience with Ms. Letha Moon and Eclipse Web Management.

It must be going back at least 2 years now that Letha and I first had the opportunity to work together. In my position as director of communications, one of the most important initiatives to oversee is the production of email campaigns and newsletters, coordinating with the Creative team. Letha's contribution to these efforts was invaluable.

Reliably providing stunning email and landing page designs - every time, she is also highly attentive to the special HTML optimization needed to achieve the best possible delivery and rendering results. Of all the designers I’ve worked with over the past 10+ years in email marketing, Letha’s designs have been the most appealing with the cleanest code, by far - which greatly contributed to very positive results in terms of conversions and ROI. Beyond her professionalism and motivation to produce quality work, I also found her to have a positively contagious sunny attitude and caring nature. It has been a great pleasure working with Letha so far, and I look forward to working with her for years to come."

Karyn McCann Ennis
Web Power Inc.

 "Lee is a very hard worker and truly takes care of her clients."

Kieran Quinn

 "Lee Moon is very savvy. Great with computers and very creative."

Diana Farnham Pearson

“I wish I could have checked off all of the attributes above for Lee. She has and an amazing eye for design and an intuitive knowledge of what approach will work best for each client and is always dead on. Her customer service is superlative, her results flawless and on top of all that she is fun and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Lee to anyone without reservation."

Lisa-Marie Begerow

“I am very pleased to recommend Lee Moon. I had the privilege of of working with Lee while I was the Managing Broker for Sellstate Vanguard R.E. and Lee was in the marketing and web support office at Sellstate corporate headquarters. She was so accommodating and knowledgeable in everything thing she help us with to launch the office. Lee will give you 150% when you contract for her services.”

Tom Pivetti
Sellstate Vanguard Real Estate

“Lee has an eye for detail and attacks a project with a zest and fury for accuracy. The devil is in the details and Lee will take the time to make sure all the details are taken care. Lee goes above and beyond with her work ethic in making sure not only her work but the organization as a whole is doing the best it can. If Lee finds a problem not only does she note it she follows through to make sure it has been corrected. If she is unable to correct it on her own she alerts the proper people and details what correcting the issue will take and how it will benefit the organization. She also will ask if she can help and is willing to learn.”

Tom Sayre

"Lee Moon ROCKS!"

Donna Valdes

“Ms. Moon has been my company’s Webmaster and Marketing Co-Coordinator for over 5 years. She came highly recommended to me by one of my other professional friends and she deserves all the accolades that were given to her.

Ms. Moon is exceedingly knowledgeable in all aspects of computer hardware and software. Her knowledge of existing programs is astounding. Her knowledge is fully matched by her creative application and willingness to go the extra mile to get a job done above industry standard and on time to boot.

In addition to the above, is her sincere and ethical professionalism, which is so lacking in big business today. Lee is not a “Yes Woman” but is not argumentative either. She speaks her mind when it’s to your benefit. My company has more then tripled our income since Lee has been helping us and I look forward to working with her for years to come.

Finally, Lee loves her work and loves helping people and it shows. She is continuously educating herself on new programs, marketing methods etc., so she is not just up-to-date on what’s going on but makes sure she’s always a step ahead. If you are fortunate enough to have Lee on your team you can be assured that your company’s

presence and expansion will be well supported.”

Victoria Gailzaid

 "I was lucky enough to meet Lee Moon a number of years ago. I had been looking for someone to develop a powerful logo design for my business. I cannot begin to tell you how much I am deeply satisfied by the results. She is a very creative lady."

Dale Hutchings

"Hello, From My Heart, When working with Eclipse Web Management and Lee she has the ability to make you feel that your company is her only responsibility. There are only superlatives to say about her creativity, knowledge, dedication, and personality. After 6 years of working together, I feel that we can give Lee our highest recommendation."

Gary Schineller

"Lee, is very detailed orientated , very creative and knows her way around the internet and websites, She is always available for any type of questions, or difficulties you may have. She is great to work with and I recommend her highly. She is a incredible designer and great to work with... thanks for all you do."

Karen Rodowicz

“Lee is awesome. I explained what I wanted and she delivered a great site at a very reasonable price. We have more work planed for her and we anticipate the same great results. Lee is knowledgeable, capable, professional and understanding. I say she is one of the best in the business."

L.Chuck Ottley

“Lee is a consummate professional. Her creativity knows no bounds. Whether we were collaborating on a project or if she were working on a project within her own department, her work was always top-notch. Lee was a pure pleasure to work with, and I hope that our professional paths will once again cross in the future.”

Christine Michelle
WP Associates

“I have had the pleasure of working with Lee on both a personal (WPI) and professional level. Lee is very professional, has a great feel for design, pays attention to detail and, like any creative guru, often brings an angle to a project that no one else has entertained. Lee rocks!”

Ron Capito
Punisher Graphic Novel